We are really pleased to offer you this new e-book that has been written especially for GPs.

We have written this book especially for doctors because, well, doctors are different. People have probably already told you that – but we don’t mean different as people. We mean doctors are different when it comes to money management. As you will see within these pages, the economics of medicine mean that doctors can and should approach their finances with a lot more confidence than just about any other member of the economy.

By the way – throughout the book we refer to GPs. We do this because GPs are the most common form of doctor. But specialists will also see that the unique economics of medicine apply even more in their situation. So, if you are a specialist, just insert the relevant job title wherever you see the term ‘GP.’

We hope you enjoy reading this ebook. Let us know your thoughts and please always feel free to get in touch if there is any part of your financial profile that you would like to discuss.